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This year we plan to start our own seedlings for the garden.  In doing so I looked around for plans for making grow lights and I found this set from the Utah State University Cooperative Extension.  Granted there are simpler ones to make but I decided to try this one out as it allows me to raise the lights much more easily than some of the others I’ve seen.  It took me about 2 hours and just about $60 in materials ($27 for the shoplights, $15 for the bulbs, and roughly $18 for the rest of the materials) and it’s done and in the basement (with the plants underneath it). 

Another good grow light set can be found at gardenfork.tv but I’m including the video here.

At this point I’ve got 40W cool-white flourescent bulbs in the grow lights but I’m thinking about switching to Agrosun bulbs in order to better mimic real daylight.  The only catch is the cost — about $16 – $20 per bulb!


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