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It’s gotten up to 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11.1 degrees Centigrade) today…sunny and beautiful. The girls have come out of the hives and they are enjoying it immensely! A great day for some cleansing flights as well as a chance to look around. Considering that it’s been pretty cold here for the past few weeks I’m sure they are very happy (ok…maybe I am anthropomorphizing a little but I’m very happy to see them out and about!). The temperature is going to drop tonight to the upper 30s but then it will be back to the mid to upper-40s tomorrow. I guess I need to start preparing things for the coming year so that the girls will have plenty of frames to put honey into!


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It’s a new year finally…2009 is finally over and thankfully so. I still worry about my girls in the backyard but the good news is that we can hear them in the hives (just need to listen carefully 🙂 ). I have about 50 lbs of fondant that I haven’t even touched as there’s plenty of food in the hives and with the cold weather my thoughts only turn to the coming spring and all the work I will have to do with the hives.

The weather hasn’t improved very much since I last blogged a couple of weeks ago. And the forecast for next week isn’t looking much better — highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s or upper teens. Oh well. I have a lot to do between now and spring though — clean the smoker (as well as some other equipment like the excluders), repair equipment, assemble and paint more supers as well as assemble the frames for those supers.

I also just stumbled upon an interesting site (actually, this gentleman commented on my last post and I followed his comment to his site) — Mark’s Bee Haven which then led me to look for more information about the Warre hive. You can find more information here. Overall it looks interesting and I may consider trying it — probably not next year but possibly the year after that. Once I’m more confident in my ability to shepard my hives through winter.

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