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Spring 2012 Update

I went and checked on both of my hives this afternoon. Not long ago – probably a few weeks ago when we had the last bout of “warm” weather – both hives appeared active and surviving the warm winter pretty well. This afternoon however the situation was not as rosy. One hive is doing quite well – the other hive – gone. It looks like the hive was abandoned. The brood frames are completely empty save for some brood that haven’t come out (and are dead due to the colder temperatures at night), but there are no bees at all in the hive. My suspicion is Colony Collapse – CCD. The interesting thing is that the top super is still quite full of capped honey.

My mission tomorrow is to get the super on top and to freeze it to protect the honey (and kill any bugs) before I extract the honey. The rest of the hive I will put into bags to protect the frames and wax until I can clean the frames completely. I also have other equipment to clean and sterilize to prevent any cross contamination of the other hive. I’m upset but not surprised. I had a feeling that a warm winter would cause me problems but I’ve been so busy that I was unable to more closely supervise my hives. Looks like this year I will order a nuc and re-establish the hive.


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